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    Epidemic News Express
    Release time:2021-07-20 Number of views:1000次

    The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred on the forenoon of Nanjing on the morning of July 20, 2021. As of August 2, the cumulative number of cases has reached 219; With the joint efforts of government personnel and medical workers, the city has completed four accounting tests, but the current form of epidemic prevention is still very severe.

    During the epidemic prevention period, our epidemic prevention work was highly valued by the leaders of the district. On the 26th, we investigated our epidemic prevention situation, fully affirmed our epidemic prevention measures, and required to continue without slackening until we finally overcome the epidemic situation.

    At the same time, the general manager of the company has organized employees to carry out epidemic prevention publicity for many times and warned all employees not to go out or gather unless necessary.

    In the face of the sudden epidemic, the leaders of the company attach great importance to it; The personnel administration department immediately launched the emergency plan on the night of the 19th, took measures that everyone must detect and see every yard for the personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the company, resolutely took home isolation measures for the Yellow code employees, and resolutely controlled the first gate of the company. Isolation and protection areas are arranged in the company, all employees must wear masks, and the canteen adopts partition to avoid peak dining, etc.

    On weekends, the personnel administration department will assign special personnel to check the health code of dormitory employees, ask about nucleic acid testing, and distribute necessary epidemic prevention materials.

    Specific epidemic prevention includes:

    1、 Disinfection and killing:

          1. The canteen and aisle shall be equipped with disposable disinfectant;

          2. Purchase alcohol, 84 disinfectant, protective clothing, protective glasses and watering can and distribute them in place;

          3. Replace toilet hand sanitizer with disinfectant hand sanitizer;

          4. Regularly kill and record the whole area of the office building;

          5. All foreign vehicles and materials shall be disinfected and killed.

    2、 Personnel management:

          1. Check the whereabouts and sukang code of staff rental housing inspectors;

          2. Su Kang code check, body temperature test and mask collection of daily staff.

          3. Delimit isolated meeting areas for outsiders;

          4. Shuttle employees who need public transport to and from work.

    3、 Canteen dining management:

          1. Configuration of disinfection cabinet in canteen;

          2. Isolation setting of dining table;

          3. Adjustment of meal sharing form.

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